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Halong Bay – The Best Honeymoon Destination You Ever Found in Vietnam

4 April, 2017
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Halong Bay is the top-of-the-top honeymoon destination in Vietnam that receive international praises and admiration for its unrivaled ecosystem and natural charm. With many natural highlights, exciting activities, delicious food, and fantastic Luxury Cruises plus Seaplane services, only a few places on earth for honeymooners can compare to Halong Bay.

Halong Bay – Paradise for Honeymooners

Since being inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994, this Bay has been appealing to both domestic and international honeymooners who want a place to boost their true love and witness their sweet moments. With the unbeatable highlights of Ti Top Island, Tuan Chau Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Ga Choi Islet, Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Cua Van Floating Village, etc., the “Bay of the Descending Dragon” is an existing honeymoon paradise where sweetness and peace develops. Thanks to the positive effects of the Hollywood monster film, Kong: Skull Island (2017) directed by Jordan Vogt – Roberts, which take some scenes there, more and more couples invest their sweet days and nights in Halong Bay.

While the Ti Top Island has the white-sand beaches and emerald seawater surrounded by many other interesting-shaped islets, the Sung Sot Cave can surprise every new bride and groom with the inspiring stalagmites and stalactites. The natural landmarks amidst the dreamlike landscapes create the unique beauty of Halong Bay. With many gifted mountains, islands, and caves, this honeymoon shelter provides the fascinating settings for tons of enjoyable couple activities such as kayaking, helicopter flight, scuba diving, “double-decker bus” cable car, cave dining, squid fishing, and more. As one of the two most beautiful Bays in Vietnam (together with Nha Trang Bay), Halong Bay makes you and your sweetheart happy indeed.

Enjoyable Hand-in-hand Activities in Halong Bay

The Halong Bay Honeymoon Package will never lack excitement as the couples always receive new opportunities to hold each other’s hand and try out lots of exciting activities. Here are some of the top things to do now:

#1: Overnight Luxury Cruises

Overnight on luxury cruises in Halong Bay
Overnight on luxury cruises in Halong Bay

The quality of Halong Bay Luxury Cruises has been enhanced day after day to better delight the passengers. For some leading junks, they look similar to the “5-star floating hotels” which ensure you both with the sound sleep and the ultimate comfort. The high-class amenities available at every private cabin, plus fragrant mattress, air-conditioners, panoramic windows, etc., make your moments onboard delightful and comfortable. What could be more fantastic than enjoying your own comfort in the well-amenity cabins and then open the windows for sightseeing the magnificently picturesque mountain-and-sea scenery? You both become parts of such the amazing nature. The nature-friendly and sweet experiences even become greater when you take your spouse up to the balcony and on deck to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise, sunset, and the starry nights. Consider these upscale junk names: Jasmine, LaFairy, Paradise Luxury, Au Co Cruise, L’Azalée, etc. Interestingly, the cruise service packages include free-of-charge activities of kayaking and cave exploration.

#2: Halong Bay Seaplane with Sweetheart

Seaplane tour to Halong Bay from Hanoi
Seaplane tour to Halong Bay from Hanoi

For capturing the marvelous panorama of Halong Bay, the new bride and groom surely love the scenic seaplane flight. There is no other more perfect way to contemplate the Bay from the top than the Seaplane. It is the bird-eye view which wins your passion for this legendary honeymoon destination in Vietnam. When lesser time brings more excitement, every couple appreciates this activity if budget allows. The feeling is like you both are the two little free birds who are exploring a paradise together. The panorama of the Bay gives hundreds of flattering corners. The bird-eye seascapes from the height of 150-3000m above the sea level even make you “speechless” as even words cannot express how wonderful it is. Proudly, The New York Times (U.S.) voted that Halong Bay sightseeing from the seaplane was one of the most attractive tourism services in 2015.

#3: Thrilling Cave Exploration

Thien Cung cave in Halong Bay
Thien Cung cave in Halong Bay

Gifted with a perfect scenery of “stone and water,” the beautiful picture of this Bay is also spotted with the unique and surprising caves. Each cave and grotto own the special names which inspire the visitors to explore, such as Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Dau Go Cave, Hanh Cave, Trinh Nu Grotto, etc.  The caves preserve the long-lasting stalagmites and stalactites which are in the extraordinary and inspiring shapes. Besides cave discovery, the cave dining activity is preferably booked by many honeymooners.

#4: Poetic Floating Villages in Halong Bay

Cua Van fishing village in Halong Bay
Cua Van fishing village in Halong Bay

Running away from the bustling and dynamic city centers, you and your wife/husband should come to cherish the peaceful moments in some poetic floating villages there. The seaside villages like Cua Van, Vung Vieng, and Ba Hang look extremely peaceful, clean, and friendly enough to be the ideal stopovers for the honeymooners. Being painted attractively, the floating houses are the nice photogenic objects from afar. They are also the good places to buy and enjoy the fresh seafood to fullfill your sweetheart’s stomach and delight his/her palate. Together with photography and seafood, you can expect to learn some unique cultural traits and interact with the chummy local fishermen.

Yummy Food in Halong Bay

The destination is reputable for some local delicious dishes which make the honeymooners find it reluctant to say ‘goodbye.’ Then, take your opportunities to savor the mouth-watering tastes of squid sausage, “sa sung” (a kind of seafood found in Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Province), “Gat Gu” Cake (the steamed and rolled cake), “Ca Say” (made from a special local animal which has characteristics of chicken and duck), “Ruoc Lo” (a kind of nautilus), “Ngan”, and “Nem Chao” (the main ingredients include sliced skin pork and fermented fried rice). 

Whether or not the big days are coming, think of your honeymoon destination even months before that event! It’s not exaggerated to say that this destination can ignite and keep love fires last forever. Couples come there for not only the honeymoon but also anniversaries and dating. Let’s see for yourself why couples on earth cherish the site and Book Vietnam honeymoon packages to the paradise of romance and sweetness – Halong Bay. Contact vietnamhoneymoontravel@gmail.com for best deals on Halong Bay Tour Package today !

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