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Quang Binh Honeymoon Tours Perpetuate Your Sweet Time

9 March, 2016
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Located in the upper middle area of Vietnam, Quang Binh Province is the blessed home to the great tourist site namely Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Besides, the land has lots of prominent attractions to amaze the visitors worldwide, especially the newly wedded couples. For sure, the honeymoon trip to Quang Binh is full of the sweet memories to record with the life mates. Nature here is absolute while people are friendly, making Quang Binh the peaceful haven for the sweet holiday.

Introduction to Quang Binh Tourism

Geographically, 85% of Quang Binh terrains are mountainous while the rest are the valley, hill, highland, and rice field. The east side of the province is spotlighted with the scenic beaches. Though Quang Binh has the two distinct seasons namely the rain season (from September to March) and the dry season (from April to August), the best time to honeymoon in this destination is the dry time when you can easily access the water caves.

When honeymooning in Quang Binh, expect to explore the most famous tourist attractions namely Phong Nha Cave, Ke Bang National Park, Van La Underground Tunnel, Quang Binh Gate, and Dong Hoi Citadel. Also, expect to see many ethnic groups who have their own mountainous culture and tradition for two of you to experience.

Sunspa Resort Quang Binh - The ideal place for beach vacation
Sunspa Resort Quang Binh – The ideal place for beach vacation

Honeymoon Activities Just In Quang Binh

The biggest magnet for Quang Binh tourism is the honorable system of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, in which you witness the rich wildlife and stay closest to nature. This is the #1 cave in Vietnam whose value goes beyond what can be stated by words. While the caves themselves are full of mystery, the underground water has the glittering color that creates the stunning masterpiece of nature. During the daytime, the water reflecting on the giant stalagmites and stalactites is the ideal backdrop for filming. So, the honeymooners can feel free to imagine in an exhilarating manner. Just share your ideas with the spouse so that two of you can burst into a laugh together.

Besides cave discovery, beach honeymoon vacation is greatly cheerful in Nhat Le Beach, the most exquisite beach in Quang Binh. There are also some luxurious beach resorts and hotels serving the newly wedded couples such as Cosevco Nhat Le Hotel, Sun Spa Resort Quang Binh, Ban Mai Hotel, Nam Long Hotel, Sai Gon Phong Nha Hotel, etc.

Then, the Quang Binh honeymoon tour can go on exploring the Van La Underground Tunnel, indicating the Vietnamese’s united spirit during the wartime. And if you’re looking for the ancient-looking backdrops to photograph together, just head towards Dong Hoi Citadel or Quang Binh Gate. While the history of the Citadel dated back to the year of 1630, Quang Binh Gate is the symbolic attraction of the land.

Romance and passion seem to be boundless in Quang Binh because the newly wedded couples can do many activities altogether greatly. While some choose to experience cave discovery to Phong Nha, the others love dipping themselves into Nhat Le Beach, and the rest may feel interested in the iconic, historical Van La Underground Tunnel and Quang Binh Gate.

So, what is your choice, honeymooners? It’s your chance to stay thoroughly delighted during Quang Binh Honeymoon Tours to perpetuate the big and sweet days of the lifetime.

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