Honeymoon to Halong Bay Cruise Trip

Honeymoon to Halong Bay on Luxury Cruises and More

Amongst the most beautiful life phases, honeymoon means a lot to every newlywed who wants to make this milestone special, and many decide to honeymoon to Halong Bay, Vietnam. The happy and fulfilled love in the natural UNESCO Bay will even evolve which brings you both the sweet journey of a lifetime to remember. Just bring your lovely spouse to the legendary Bay, stay in an overnight luxury cruise, and together, you can celebrate the colorful vacation.

Honeymoon on Luxury Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay honeymoon package on a cruise goes wonderfully just in Halong Bay – one of the best destinations for cruising in the world. The sailing packages might range from budget to luxury to meet passengers’ budgets and preferences. Together with nearly 2,000 islands and islets, the heritage site is blessed with the emerald sea, limestone formations, mystic caves, and romantic floating villages, which are the gorgeous objects for sightseeing as well as photography. While you’re on a cruise, it offers various opportunities to enjoy swimming, kayaking, sunbathing, exploring caves, visiting the fishing villages, and eating the yummy seafood. Oftentimes, the cruise facilities and amenities are like floating hotels.

And if the budget says YES, choose the 5-star luxury Halong Bay cruises for the wonderful overnight pastimes like sundowner parties, squid fishing, bar, massage onboard, etc. In the early morning, you and your life mate can together join the healthy Tai Chi practice on the sundeck or Vovinam session and cooking class. The cruises will take you to top attractions namely Ga Choi Islet, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Cong Dam Island, etc. Make sure you read the cruise itinerary before you book. Also, ensure to tell the cruise operators that you both are honeymooning so that things like roses, candles, etc., will be arranged in your room.

Suite on Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay
Suite on Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

Honeymoon on Halong Bay Helicopters and Seaplanes

You can level up the honeymoon experiences with the new, expensive, and thrilling services of Halong Bay helicopter tours. Another aerial option is the seaplane. Instead of the limousine or bus, take the aerial 45-minute flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay, which allows the bird’s-eye sightseeing over the imposing landscape. Or, right in Tuan Chau, it’s easy to take the scenic flight of 12 minutes, 25 minutes, or 45 minutes. As the free birds, you can fly over the magnificent Bay and enjoy the breathtaking panorama. The impression will be printed on the mind of you both, and you’ll be grateful for being together during the wonderful moments.

In a quick, scenic, and convenient way, Halong Bay seaplane takes you to the UNESCO Bay, instead of the long drive. This service was first introduced in 2014 by Hai Au Aviation. You can opt for the chartered seaplane or the scheduled one to get to the destination quickly, plus the fantastic bird’s-eye sightseeing from the top and near the islands. The amphibian airplanes excite you with the water take-off and landing. The seaplane flights to Halong are sold just like other commercial packages. You can find a separate seaplane check-in counter in Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi. As always, book the ticket in advance! Then, it will depart from Noi Bai to Tuan Chau Marina, and know that it has a capacity of 12 passengers (with 7kg of luggage for each passenger). You can save some with the round-trip ticket, and keep in mind that the seaplane service is cheaper than the helicopter. So, if money is not a concern, enjoy this pinnacle of tourism to celebrate your special honeymoon.

Either helicopter or seaplane is wonderful. It offers a comfortable seat, panoramic windows, impeccable bird’s-eye sightseeing, and even the close-up views. Conveniently, you can upload pictures and videos in real-time by using the complimentary Wi-Fi. In no time, it’s free and easy to capture the marvelous scenery during the scenic flights and share with the world. People will admire your honeymoon.

Halong Bay Honeymoon Package combines helicopter transportation and overnight cruise
Halong Bay Honeymoon Package combines helicopter transportation and overnight cruise

Honeymoon on Halong Bay Yacht Tours

What’s more, if you just love sailing across the islands and islets, consider the luxury Halong Yacht Tours. Setting sail for Halong Bay luxuriously and privately, Viet Yacht takes you both to the attractions you like, and rest assured that it’s well-equipped for your ultimate comfort. In that sense, happiness and pleasure are real both aboard and ashore. You have the absolutely free moments on the board that the two can make the sounds of love, have cute moments, and take romantic pictures. Upon arrival at the attractions in the flexible itinerary, take the spouse’s hand to get ashore and explore. This expensive option is made for those who are not keen on traditional cruises and junks. There will be none and nothing that can interrupt your time off as this is your hassle-free sailing experience. With the Viet Yacht Tours in Halong served by the high-end Cap Camarat 6.5 WA, Cap Camarat 7.5 DC, Jeanneau Leader 36, or Jeanneau NC 14, you invest in the finest to travel to the fullest.

The sporty yacht will function like the “floating villa” amid the beautiful sea, which offers opportunities for water sports and parties that fulfill your honeymoon with fun and joy. Equipped in the yachts are the kitchenette, living rooms, bedrooms, scenic balcony, bar, and private WC, etc. Besides, the sunbathing deck is designed for the absolute relaxation and the “so-deep” photographs. Any time you feel like, it’s free to go fishing, swimming, scuba diving, or water-skiing. Also, the discovery of the islands and caves will be more flexible and private than ever. Embarking the yacht, be ready to together sail in a relaxing way, to have fun, laugh, mingle, tell jokes, feast, and begin new excursions. The yacht tours move beyond the common travel boundary, resulting in the journey of fantasy and difference.

Halong Bay Yacht Tour for Honeymooners
Halong Bay Yacht Tour for Honeymooners

All recently-married couples should aways experience Halong Bay Honeymoon Tours. Opt for the luxury cruise, helicopter, seaplane, or yacht! Ask for your life mate’s ideas, and together decide on the channel that fits you both most. Either cruising or flying, you will soon feel the best of this UNESCO Bay that wins fame and compliments, not by luck.

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