Nang Tien Cruise – New Luxury Companion for Halong Bay Day Tour

20 November, 2016
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Nang Tien Cruise is a new luxury cruise in Halong Bay that might stand out as one of the best choices for cruising Halong Bay and combining with Seaplane service. For the new, exciting, and memorable exploration of Halong Bay, let’s consider the excellent luxury day option: Nang Tien Cruise.

About Nang Tien Cruise

Nang Tien Cruise might successfully attract the travelers to Halong Bay with the big promises about the extraordinary experience, unique cruise itinerary, and devoted service. This cruise takes care of your day trip to Halong Bay so that you’re assured to see the best highlights and feel comfortable during the journey. Nang Tien Cruise itself features the beautiful Vintage Junk Replica in the Italian style of the 19th century. But some traits of the Junk still match the traditional values of the Southeast Asia Junks. Plus, the Mediterranean charm makes it extremely eye-catching and lovely. You can expect to stay closest to nature on board thanks to the open-air deck. Then, rest in the comfortable and well-amenity cabins. The luxury Cruise secures your smile during the day tour.

Nang Tien Cruise Extraordinary Services – Jot them down!

The Unique Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary

Halong Bay has the gifts of 1,969 islands and the countless number of grottoes that make the Bay always appealing and marvelous all season. That said, the Bay receives up to 10.000 travelers and approximately 1.000 boats around its corners. So, what makes Nang Tien Cruise itinerary special and praiseworthy? The Cruise should take you to a peaceful floating village which can be Vong Vieng Village, Cua Van Village, or Ba Hang Village. Here, you experience 45-minute rowing the bamboo sampan to explore the local culture. That is just a quick recommendation. Please note that the cruise itinerary of Nang Tien can be customized to meet different passengers’ preferences. It means you can customize the tour towards the preferred islands or caves. Some well-known names are Bo Hon Island, Cong Do Island, Ti Top Island, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Duong Cave, etc. In the case of transfer choices, it offers the “Sit In Coach” or the private luxury transfer per your request. The itinerary with Nang Tien might start with the early departure time that helps avoid the traffic jam. The seasoned passengers find it extremely helpful and smart.

By cruising away from the bustle of the city life, people feel it stress-free to enjoy sightseeing thousands of highlights in Halong Bay, doing various activities, and eating the great lunch sets. Take it easy to enjoy your glass of wine and contemplate the natural charm so that the day tour to this marvelous destination will be faultless. Whatever your desire, Nang Tien Cruise is competent enough to meet them all. The day tour is just ideal for every family gathering, friendship party, honeymoon vacation, and lots of other special ceremonies. Give your beloveds the chances to experience services and itineraries of Nang Tien Cruise; then they will appreciate your attempts to tighten the relationships.

The Great Seafood Lunch in Ha Long day tour

The Day Tour to Halong Bay with Nang Tien Cruise guarantees you to enjoy the appetizing seafood lunch that the happy taste might last long. The menu might include the fried squid with pork and vegetable, fried fish, steamed shrimp with lemongrass, cuttlefish ball, and steamed clam. The happy lunch boosts your energy for the ongoing exploration of the “Bay of Descending Dragon”. The eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes for lunch urge everybody to taste them right away.

Combine Nang Tien Cruise with Seaplane in Halong Bay

Scenic tour by seaplane in Halong Bay
Scenic tour by seaplane in Halong Bay

As the top luxury Cruise, Nang Tien is the excellent companion for Halong Bay Seaplane Tour. This combination provides the passionate honeymoon day tour in Vietnam, especially for those who come with the tight schedule. If you just have some time in Halong Bay, then the Halong Seaplane and Nang Tien Cruise make your time there highly valuable and worthy.

The 25-minute sightseeing flight lets you contemplate the vast emerald body of water, the mist-covered Bay with thousands of limestone towers, idyllic floating villages, and blocks of Luxury Cruises, etc. From the bird-eye views, the sightseeing Halong Bay just works perfectly, and you will say this beauty is eternal. Such loveliness and grandeur will never fail to mesmerize anybody. In fact, many passengers experience the 25-minute scenic flight over Halong Bay more than one time. They all love the feeling of being the “free little birds” that can fly around the paradise. The scenic flight brings the whole beauty of Halong Bay before your eyes in an uninterrupted manner. Once 25 minutes pass, then it is time to embark Nang Tien Cruise – the new deluxe choice that only a few candidates can compare.

The Halong Bay honeymoon vacation with Nang Tien Cruise then brings you to the peaceful floating markets, the enigmatic caves and the splendid islets in the legendary Bay. From the open-air deck, you can rest assured to enjoy the picturesque seascape and breathe the pure air. Are you dying for the lifetime experience of cruising and sightseeing Halong Bay? Then, just let Nang Tien Cruise fulfill your desire in someday. Also, Nang Tien owns the big windows in each cabin, which provides the pleasant view of the Bay and thousands of attractions, from caves to islets. While being onboard, some people might love to keep sightseeing while the others focus on enjoying the cruise services like the little bar and restaurant, the comfortable cabins, the fresh ambiance, or the elegant lounge on the sundeck. The sturdy and aesthetic Junk encourages the travelers to make lots of “wow” statements. As Nang Tien Cruise is just as comfortable and beautiful as a floating hotel, it ensures you to find the perfect sense of comfort and peace. When it comes to lunchtime, you should gather at the spacious dining room to enjoy the yummy lunch with lots of seafood choices. Remarkably, if you intend to have something special for the loved ones, do feel free to let the cruise operator or your tour agent know in advance so that they have things prepared for you. Some fresh roses, candles, or chocolate can make the lunchtime romantic. You can, of course, enjoy the lunch in the cabin privately. It is also fascinating to view the seascape via the panoramic windows.

Nang Tien Cruise – Halong Traditional Junk for Private Honeymoon Trip

Nang Tien Junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Nang Tien Junk in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Nang Tien Cruise is one of your best choices for cruising and sightseeing during Halong Bay Day Tour. In combined with Vietnam Seaplane, Nang Tien seems to meet “her right partner,” resulting in a compatible Seaplane and Cruise Tours. The Seaplane is so advanced that offers the spectacular sightseeing of the fairy serenity from the top dimension in 25 minutes. The Cruise is splendid enough to cheer you up with the easy access to Halong Bay highlights. Though Nang Tien Cruise might be not the BEST in the community of Halong Bay Cruises, this is the upscale choice that you should not ignore. Please add “Nang Tien Cruise” to your bucket list and experience its day tour whenever you arrive at one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World in Vietnam: Halong Bay. Don’t have much time to play there? Just Vietnam Seaplane and Nang Tien Cruise are enough to secure your exciting honeymoon to Vietnam.

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