Moc Chau in the North of Vietnam

5 Top Destinations in the North for Vietnam Holiday Packages

8 August, 2018
Vietnam where to go

Vietnam Holiday Packages is a trendy idea that many couples all over the world want to experience and carry it out. The lovely S-shaped country has lots of ideal places to go, and it’s easy to pick up a site based on any of your preferences. To ensure a perfect honeymoon vacation, consult between you both to find the destination and celebrate matrimony after the big day. Here are 5 best honeymoon destinations to consider for holiday packages in the north of Vietnam

Moc Chau – A fantastic destination for Holiday Packages in Vietnam

Moc Chau is an enthralling and wild highland in Son La Province, around 200km from Hanoi City. This is a destination for thrill-seeking travelers who prefer the motorbike trip along the scenic sceneries, the authentic trekking to the local hill-tribe villages, the sightseeing opportunities over the heavenly flowery gardens, etc. In fact, Moc Chau is in preferences of many couples in the North of Vietnam who can drive there and savor the wonderful spectacle.

With the spacious flowery gardens, Moc Chau inspires the newlyweds to take various beautiful photographs and create the sweet memories. Especially from October to February, the mesmerizing wild sunflowers are blossoming, showering the highland with the paradisiac yellow. Besides, there is the heart-shaped tea plantation hill which is very photogenic. Not only does Moc Chau functions greatly as a Vietnam honeymoon destination, it is also perfect for pre-wedding photography.

Tam Dao – An ideal place for Vietnam Holiday Packages

Tam Dao is “a city in the mist” of Vinh Phuc Province, which is somehow on par with the famous Sapa Town. Around 80km from Hanoi, Tam Dao is a perfect place to go when the newlyweds are too busy to take long days off. The local highlights include magnificent mountainous view, pristine forests, and many other eye-catching spectacles. More interestingly, there is a fantasy town on the mountain. The town is pretty up with the luxurious resorts where offer the infinity swimming pools and various ritzy facilities.

Possessing both natural beauty and excellent human-made constructions, Tam Dao stimulates the fascinating Vietnam honeymoon ideas that delight you and the sweethearts. You both can relax and take pictures at the infinity pool, take a walk amidst the mountainous and forested landscapes, and so on. This is a haven to forget the work pressure and say goodbye to life anxiety. All to do are to enjoy love, romance, and matrimony.

Tam Dao – An ideal place in Vietnam for active honeymooners
Tam Dao – An ideal place in Vietnam for active honeymooners

Sapa – A paradisiac city for diverse Vietnam honeymoon packages

Sapa is a treasure in the north of Vietnam that fulfill almost every request of the honeymooners, ranging from budget level to expensive one. Vietnam honeymoon packages in Sapa are diverse with the well-known Fansipan Mountain, the charming town, the paradisiac terraced rice fields, the French-colonial buildings, and more. Particularly, from November onwards, the city becomes freeze, and this is the peak season when the groups of tourists get there to hunt for the snow. Also, the grilled food and salmon hot pot make this city on top. What could be greater than savoring the salmon hot pot with the soul mate while it’s freezing outside? This is a must to do in Sapa during winter months.

So, if your preferences are to hunt for snow in Vietnam, then start a Sapa honeymoon tour in winter. While Fansipan Summit (3.143m) and cable car to reach the “City on Cloud” at the height of 3.000m are so famous that almost everybody knows, the scenic coffee shops and hotels move beyond your expectation for romance and comfort.

Topas Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam
Topas Ecolodge Sapa Vietnam

Halong Bay – A UNESCO World Heritage Site for the best Vietnam honeymoon

Halong Bay (the Bay of Descending Dragon) is internationally recognized with the honored titles of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in the world. The tourist communities know about this celebrated Bay, and it’s certain that some of them want to honeymoon there. With emerald seawater, captivating seascape, thousands of interesting islands, mysterious caves of the antique stalagmites and stalactites, etc., this top honeymoon destination in Vietnam stimulates couples to achieve sweetness and romance at the top level.

There are much to do, like the scenic helicopter or seaplane flight over the majestic Bay with the bird-eye view, the luxury cruise voyage, kayaking, cave discovery, etc. Photos even cannot display the whole beauty of this legendary Bay, and nothing can replace the actual visit. The natural wonder has been witnessing many newlyweds who come to celebrate their honeymoon and also come back for the anniversaries. Believe it, everybody will give the thumbs-up when you tell them that you’re going to honeymoon in Halong Bay.

How to Get to Halong Bay Vietnam
Kayaking in Halong Bay. Vietnam

Cat Ba Island – A place for Vietnam honeymoon amidst the rich ecosystem

Cat Ba Island owns the abundant ecosystem and greenness that ease the visitors’ eyes and mind. As a treasure in Hai Phong City, about 150km from Hanoi capital, this island is famous for the marvelous beaches, national park, caves, mountains, and traditional fishing villages. Each highlight remains pristine and beautiful that can amaze the newlyweds. It takes the spectacular boat trip to reach Cat Ba Island in which the diverse ecosystem appears attractively and the weather is very comfortable all year round.

Couples can choose to swim at the beaches of Cat Co 1, 2, 3 (Cat Co 2 is most enchanting). The seawater is so transparent that you can see the underwater scenes while the sandbank is smooth and soft. It’s suggested to rent a motorbike to get around and discover local highlights namely Monkey Island, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba National Park, Cai Beo Fishing Village, and Cannon Fort (High Point 177). The natural venue is certainly ideal for the honeymoon when you both relish the romantic time together.

Landscape of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
Landscape of Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Happiness might be not from material values but from the affectionate and joyful feeling when you’re going on the honeymoon with the true life mate. Based on each other’s preferences, just sort out the most suitable places in Vietnam for holiday packages and go there at your earliest convenience. Vietnam does offer the matchless, perfect, and admirable honeymoon to all.

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