Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget in Vietnam

Vietnam Honeymoon Budget – Top 7 Ways to Plan Your Trip!

To save your bank account from being depleted, here are top ways for how to plan a Vietnam honeymoon budget. When the sweet vacation doesn’t mean time for luxury or lavish spending, you need the expert tips of honeymoon planning before flying to the charming S-shaped Vietnam and savoring romance. The post-wedding trip has no room for financial stress and burden; instead, it is to celebrate marriage and welcome the relaxing time.

#1: Make the early bookings

The post-nuptial vacation will become least stressful when you book things early. Some couples even book the flight tickets, hotel deals, or Vietnam honeymoon tour packages 6 months in advance. You can make the booking later a bit, but remember that the early you book, the cheaper the prices are. The tourism-related agents have the best discounts for honeymooners, so make sure you ask before you book. This way, the newlyweds can save much on airfares and hotel fees. Know that the early booking requires you to pay for some or full of the trip fees ahead of time. As paying before the trip, it becomes unnecessary to worry much about the costs while you’re busy at wedding planning. When the vacation time comes, all to do is enjoy the sweet trip.

#2: Hunt for deals and discounts of Vietnam honeymoon

The comparison shopping can help you to track the agents that sell deals at the most competitive prices. Shop for the package deals, including airfare and hotel charge, is a good way to get the budget honeymoon in Vietnam. Also look for the all-inclusive resorts or cruises depending on your preferred destinations. Note that the included offers vary from resort to resort, and you’d better ask about the inclusions and clear any concern about the not-aforementioned fees. And if you have the favorite airlines and hotels, remember to follow them on the social media to get the latest updates of any flash sales! Some brides and grooms do succeed in hunting for the couple deals so that their trips are both enjoyable and affordable.

#3: Know how much you can afford

None understands your budget better than you; therefore, clearly decide how much you can afford for this post-wedding vacation. If you don’t want to incur any new debt, take time reviewing the figures to set apart the budget for the coming vacation. Though people can use credit card to cover the trip and pay it off later, the high interest might drive them to get crazy and feel regretful about the luxurious time together. To save the long-term matrimony, be realistic enough to determine the amount that you both can afford for the post-wedding journey without using the high-interest credit card. But if you’re tight in budget, think of using a proportion of the wedding gift cash dedicated to the honeymoon expenses only. Funding the trip this way, your hand-in-hand escape becomes trouble-free and meaningful indeed.

#4: Consider delaying but make sure you will do it

Due to some financial difficulties, the newlyweds might not travel to their honeymoon places in Vietnam right after the big days. They have to wait, but understand that many couples out there are in the same situations. You can delay the travel for something else more important, but make sure you will do it. You are saving the budget and giving yourself time to plan for the bigger tours. None forces you to start honeymooning when you’re short on the budget and don’t have mood for it. This time, just wait, hunt for the deals, and make the perfect plans for the future vacation. Months after the wedding, you travel to ignite the euphoria of the sweetness, and it is amazing no matter what.

#5: Work with a reliable Vietnam honeymoon travel agency

Couples can book the flight tickets and hotel deals by their own, but working with the reliable travel agents can save them some costs and enhance the comfort. Specialized in the field, the Vietnam honeymoon travel agency has the special access to the excellent packages for couples at the top resorts plus many attractive offers such as couple’s massage, candlelit dinner, free room upgrade, etc. There are the extra perks for the couples that only the travel agents can give, and this way saves much, of course. Getting to a new destination, if you both are inexperienced travelers who are afraid of the high costs, then seriously consider using the agents’ services.

Vietnam Honeymoon Travel Agency

#6: Check the exchange rates to Vietnamese Dong

Do money exchange upon arrival at the Vietnamese airports so that you have the local cash to pay. This way can help you to save a bit from the differences. If getting to the big cities, no need to worry about the ATMs or foreign credit card uses, but if you visit the off-the-beaten-track trails in Vietnam, it’s important to have Vietnamese Dong cash in the wallets. Especially when you enjoy the street food, use the money of small denominations to pay. This can really help when you go shopping in the local markets to buy cute souvenirs, beautiful garments, lovely handicrafts, etc. Take time getting out of the restaurants to relish the local food which is less expensive yet more delicious.

#7: Learn from the previous honeymooners who travel to Vietnam

Lots of foreigners get the honeymoon travel in Vietnam, and they are glad that they did. Not only does doing research online can let you read the reviews and feedback about the destinations, but it also allows you to meet the previous travelers. You can ask for their experiences and advice to save you from the expensive scams or unexpected surcharges if any. There are something that you should not buy, or some unreliable places to avoid. The social media today is so wide that everybody is open to share their travel experiences, and it is the great source to study. There are even tips on spending money in a certain Vietnam destination, and you will be happy that you know it beforehand.

Being conscious of the budget and have tips for planning a Vietnam honeymoon on a budget, you are ready to enjoy the sweet post-nuptial days and nights.

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