Romantic Honeymoon Tips

Top 9 Romantic Honeymoon Tips in Vietnam to Carry Out

To make your sweet vacation after the big day more enjoyable and memorable than ever, carry out the romantic honeymoon tips in Vietnam and savor the results. There must be something significant to keep in mind and apply so that your devoted holiday will never go wrong. Together read the following.

#1: Choose a romantic Vietnam honeymoon destination

The first thing to do is to select a honeymoon destination that you both want to visit. As Vietnam owns several ideal places, it’s necessary to consult between you and the sweetheart to make a final choice of Halong Bay, Nha Trang City, Phu Quoc Island, Sapa, Da Lat, Hue, Hoi An, or Da Nang City. The importance is that you and your bride/groom love the place. Often, beaches with white sand, blue sea, and yellow sunlight are the boundless sources of romance.

#2: Plan surprises for the honeymoon

Even though neither of you is the romantic mate, it’s great to plan surprises to make your Vietnam honeymoon sweeter. Think of booking a restaurant that serves your spouse’s favorite food, ordering chocolates to deliver to your hotel room, opening the sweet music, using bubble bath, or preparing for the candlelit dinner under the starry night. Especially in honeymoon, the small actions bring the powerful effects. It makes your time more meaningful, and you are falling deeper in love with the life partner.

#3: Wear new dresses

To add love fires to the vacation, please apply this funny yet very effective Vietnam honeymoon tips. If you both have been dating for a period, and remembering each other’s clothes, it’s smart to secretively buy the new dresses and show them in the right moments. This way, the soul mate will find you fresh and interesting to discover. Especially, the new bride should buy for themselves the new sexy lingerie to surprise their men. Think of “love at first sight” and bewitch each other with your new appearance.

#4: Tell the local staff that you’re on a Vietnam Honeymoon Vacation

When booking a hotel room or a table in a restaurant, don’t be hesitant to tell the staff that you’re preparing it for the honeymoon. Often, they will assist you in making things more perfect and careful. Also, know that some hotels have the promotional honeymoon packages, including breakfast on the bed or romantic dinner on the beachside. Therefore, state your requirements and expectations for the sweet trip, let the service providers know, and they will do the rest for the newlyweds.

#5: Steer clear of anxiety and stress

The honeymoon should be one of the most relaxing and beautiful time in your life. Hence, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest in a completely comfortable mood, with no work pressure or life anxiety. It’s hard to find any other life phase that is more romantic than the honeymoon, so please appreciate the trip, apply honeymoon holiday tips and say the words of the heart. You must have something sweet to tell the soul mate.

#6: Only use the smartphone or high-tech device when it’s necessary

People nowadays are influenced much by smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., which are also the life distractions that limit humankind interactions. In that sense, don’t let the social media newsfeed, the unnecessary calls or messages ruin your romantic time together. The perfect honeymoon should include no redundant seconds for using smartphones to play the game solo or to watch YouTube clips. Rather, invest the whole days and nights in exploring the beautiful destinations in Vietnam, going hand-in-hand with various outdoor activities, pampering each other, and creating the sweet stories to tell. Left your tablet or laptop at home if you don’t see a need to use it. But, remember to bring a camera to capture and record the beautiful moments.

#7: Get enough sleep

Make sure you can get enough sleep to feel well for various outdoor activities and adventures. With the good rest at the hotel and sleep 8 hours a day, the newlyweds will not feel fatigued when they have to get up early to catch the majestic sunrise moments or trek a long trail to the captivating sights. As you know the itinerary, compromise to go to bed appropriately, regain the lost energy, and be ready for the next journey of romance and distinction. This also means you should not over-schedule. According to many honeymooners’ reports, the best part of their vacation is a daily snap after lunch.

#8: Take honeymoon photographs

You and your spouse look so lovely and well-matched in the wedding photo albums, and now don’t skip the opportunities to take the memorable honeymoon shoots. Carry out the romantic honeymoon ideas and tips to pose and capture the cheerful time you have side by side. It’s also a great idea to secretively take a “random” picture of your life mate and do not let him/her know. Only show that picture when the two come back to the hotel or even after the fascinating trip. Photographs will remind newlyweds of the young and beautiful days you both shared, and as a result, each might become more affectionate towards the right half. This action might not mean much this time, but 10 years or 20 years later, it becomes the precious memory.

#9: Give massage to each other

Before the trip, spend time to learn some massage secrets and carry them out to amaze your darling. He or she will be much pleased with what you have done, and in return, wait for the happy matrimony as wished. While you are giving the massage, take opportunities to share the inner thoughts. This sounds simple and easy-to-do but very meaningful for the long-term marriage. Be open-minded to share your dreams, ambitions in life, reasons why you love him/her, or any of your worries though they are just minor. After all, expect the happy time on bed together.

To make the most of the sweet and fleeting honeymoon in Vietnam and set the romantic tone for these sweet days and nights, just apply the romantic honeymoon tips for couples. Every second past, you and the sweetheart fall even deeper in love.

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