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Top 8 Most Beautiful Vietnam Honeymoon Beaches for Eternal Love

16 April, 2018
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The destinations for your sweet travel after the big days are many, but the most beautiful Vietnam honeymoon beaches are ideal enough to include in the list before you decide. Honeymoon at the beaches will be one of the best things to do in a lifetime of any couple. While the sea waves give a throughout sweep of your body and mind, the breathtaking seascape keeps love fires burning until the old age via various memorable activities. Check in any of the top 8 romantic shelters below:

#1: Halong Bay, Quang Ninh – The second-to-none Vietnam honeymoon destination

It’s not exaggerated to confirm that Halong Bay is the top-of-the-top Vietnam honeymoon destination that couples should always check in. There are more than 1.600 islands in the Bay, and each island is surprisingly marvelous and imposing. In this heavenly venue, the honeymooners are inspired much to create and record their sweet moments.

Amidst the spectacular seascape, on the luxurious Halong Bay Cruises or the high-end Vietnam helicopters, you and the sweethearts will savor love as lots of sugar-coated yet true words will be exchanged. Simply watching sunrise and sunset from the cabins or the sundeck together, or you both can enjoy various interesting activities like squid fishing at night, kayaking, exploring the limestone grottoes, visiting the idyllic floating villages, and more. Time on “the Bay of the Descending Dragon” flies beautifully that ones will never forget.

Halong Bay - The Romantic Destination for Pre-Wedding Photography in Vietnam
Halong Bay – The Romantic Destination for Pre-Wedding Photography in Vietnam

#2: Lang Co Beach, Hue – One of the best honeymoon beaches in Vietnam

Beaches offer the sweet and romantic settings for the new bride and groom to celebrate their togetherness after the weddings, and Lang Co Beach is worth visiting. This natural and captivating site has long been ranked as one of the most scenic honeymoon beaches in Vietnam that only a few places can compare. There, couples will appreciate the long white-sand banks, the transparent blue water, and the gentle sea waves. Also, this top candidate owns the large tropical forests and the mystic Lap An Marsh for ecotourism journeys. Surrounding the beaches are grandiose mountains that keep the sea waves as calm and gentle as wished. Lang Co Beach is photogenic, ensuring you to obtain the admirable honeymoon albums.

Lang Co Beach in Hue
Lang Co Beach in Hue

#3: Co To Beach, Quang Ninh – The captivating untouched beach for summer vacation

Co To Beach is fabulous all seasons, but summer is when the site shows its best charm. In compared with other beach destinations, Co To remains most pristine and peaceful that secures the private Vietnam honeymoon travel that might be hard to track elsewhere. This treasure of Quang Ninh keeps captivating the tourists especially during summer when the intact beach, the white sandbank, and crystal-clear water turn to be their best shapes. Even now, the romance in Co To is as intact as it is. This place is not crowded at all, leaving it peaceful and private for the honeymooners to set themselves apart from the busy cityscape.

#4: Cua Dai Beach, Quang Nam – One of 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia

Around 5km from Hoi An Old Town, Cua Dai Beach is a must-see local highlight. This beach was voted as one of 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia, making it more and more attractive to travelers. Interestingly, it’s noted that the seawater of this award-winning beach changes its color throughout the day. The water is light green in the early morning, and then strong jade in the late afternoon. Also, Cua Dai Beach is where Thu Bon River flows into the sea, leaving it lots of fish sources. As a result, fishing is one of the best Vietnam honeymoon activities in this haven. Couples can try fishing together, and this brings boundless fun.

Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An
Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An

#5: Ninh Chu Beach, Ninh Thuan – One of the most pure beaches of Central Vietnam

Amongst the most intact and stunning beaches of central Vietnam, Ninh Chu Beach has the notable reputation for its pureness and charm. It is the 10km-long beach in the arc shape, with crystal-clear jade water, smooth white sand, fresh atmosphere, sea breeze, etc. The recreational activities for couples in this hideaway are plenty such as swimming, fishing, cruising, mountain climbing, hunting, and windsurfing. So, Vietnam honeymoon packages in Ninh Chu are ideal for couples who love adventures.

#6: Dai Lanh Beach, Khanh Hoa – The mesmerizing and untouched hideaway

Located between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen Provinces, around 80km from Nha Trang City, Dai Lanh Beach owns the enthralling beauty of Nha Trang beaches as well as the pristine charm of Phu Yen beaches. The irresistible beach is also gifted with the transparent water, enabling the maximum vision of the underwater world filled with the diverse water species and coral reefs. It is the peaceful beach, the gentle wave, and the untouched appearance of Dai Lanh that makes it ideal for peace-loving honeymooners.

#7: Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang – The pearl island for the precious love

About 35-minute flying from Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon), Phu Quoc Island appears bewitching and romantic with the endless and lush forests, the pure beaches, the fresh air, and dozens of interesting tourist attractions to captivate guests. In particular, Bai Dai (Long Beach), located in the west of the island, stands out for its incomparable pureness. The place was even ranked in the top 13 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. With not many boats anchoring, Bai Dai Beach lets honeymooners breathe the freshest air ever, watch the poplar ranges, and feel thankful for eternal love.

Bai Sao - White Sand Beach at Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Bai Sao – White Sand Beach at Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

#8: Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet – The Popular Tourist Site nearby Saigon

If you’re in Saigon and don’t have time for the faraway beaches, then Mui Ne Beach is an ideal choice. The massive and picturesque beach is about 200km from Saigon, which is quite touristy and exciting. Things that make this place outstanding are the extensive and yellow sand dunes, the upscale resorts for the prestigious guests, and the animated atmosphere. People rarely feel sleepy in this tourist hub, and in fact, the Saigonese tend to travel to Mui Ne at weekends and holidays with one or two days off.

Mui Ne Beach Vacation in Vietnam
Mui Ne Beach Vacation in Vietnam

Make dreams about the most romantic beach vacation true, and entrust Vietnam honeymoon travel with your sweet plans!

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